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Meet the Team

Sandra Wilson


After graduating college, Sandra went on a trip around Europe. Out of all the countries she visited, Spain was the one that stood out the most. Her favourite region in Spain is Granada, a city located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. She also loves Javea, a charming town in the Costa Blanca region. Her stories about these two regions are sure to convince you to visit Spain. She plans to write more travel blogs as she finds her favourite cities around the world.

Tony Pacino


Tony is a professional food connoisseur. His ultimate travel goal is to visit the best restaurant in every country and critique their best dish. He has reviewed many Michelin-starred restaurants and has been regarded as one of the best food critics by many world-renowned chefs. He has written several food blogs for Blue Jean Travel that include tips on how to be a great food critic and tips on food presentation. His blogs will surely tickle your taste buds and inspire you to become your very own food critic.

Clive Anderson


Clive loves travelling with his family and friends. He has participated in several cycling events throughout the years and loves trekking famous hiking spots around the world. His love for travelling has also made him conscious with his expenses as he is a known budget traveller in many hostel review sites. Clive has written several travel blogs for Blue Jean Travel that discuss ways to have fun with friends without spending too much and ways to prepare for your first cycling event.

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