Wedding Ideas: What to Feed Your Guests

Every couple can spend months preparing for their wedding day, and thinking about the wedding reception can be as stressful as every part of the ceremony. While you can hire a wedding coordinator, you might also want to come up with unique ideas to make your special day memorable.

After making all your guests cry at the wedding ceremony, you might want to make your wedding reception fun and exciting for them. Aside from filling them up with delicious food, here are some things that you can do to make the wedding food more enjoyable:

Not Your Usual Buffet

This is probably the most traditional way of food service during a wedding reception. You can’t go wrong with a buffet style service if you can afford it. Or a simple banquet with a short program to honor the newlyweds. However exciting this is for the couple, it might be a replay of the wedding ceremony for some guests.

You can try having a festival reception with a campfire and catering vans serving hot-off-the-grill gourmet burgers and BBQ. If you can find something exclusive or a local delicacy, you might want to consider having that on your menu.

Go International

There are times when couples serve food from their hometowns. You can also consider serving food per table, encouraging your guests to interact more with each other. Start by thinking about dishes that you can serve at the center of the table or go full Mexican with tacos and fajitas. That way, guests can mix and match what they want.

A couple can go full Italian, giving guests a taste of Rome. A pasta dinner goes very well with classical music and good wine. Or give everyone a taste of Greece with Mediterranean lamb chops and chicken souvlaki.

Food Stations

catering food at wedding

You can combine the three tips we have discussed so far with this idea. Food carts or stations have been around for some time, but the possibilities are endless. You can add a sushi bar where everyone can choose whatever they want from a variety of ingredients, and the chef makes them impromptu. If your wedding ceremony was done early in the morning, you could also consider doing a brunch reception with small servings of food. For example, most breakfast-catering services offer homemade bread with an assortment of fillings. You can also enjoy pancakes with fresh fruit or yogurt or a hearty meal of bacon and eggs with toast or bagels.

Let’s All Be Kids

You can also leave the main course to the hotel caterers and focus on the dessert. If your budget can’t accommodate a full-course meal, you can blow everyone away with stunning sweets. You can bring the kid out of everyone by creating a beautiful display of cupcakes or pudding. Using the idea of food carts, you can also have an ice-cream station or a candy cart. Keeping in mind those with no love for sweets or those who can no longer eat much, you can offer a variety of healthy choices, like carrot cake or fruit cocktails.

In the end, as much as you desire to please everyone, don’t get sidetracked by what you want for you and your partner. Remember to pick a menu that describes you as a couple.

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