Having Fun While Avoiding the Summer Heat

Things are heating up this summer, and kids can do a bit of cooling down. Limit outdoor activities since too much heat can be harmful to kids. While the hot sun can dampen everyone’s fun, there are ways to have fun and beat the heat at the same time.

A Trip to the Ice Cream Store

Kids love ice cream—as do most adults. Eating something cold can bring down your body temperature and add a bit of moisture into your system. Hydration is essential in maintaining proper body temperature, especially during the summer months. If your body gets too hot, you might suffer from heat-related illnesses as your body loses the ability to regulate its temperature. Go to the mall and eat dessert in an ice cream parlour, especially when the sun is at its height. After your cold treat, spend an hour or two in the mall to let the worst of the sun’s heat pass. You can watch a movie with your kids or just let them hang out with a book or a tablet.

Fun Times at the Water Park

Getting your kids active can be problematic because of the heat. Any form of exercise under the sun can be hazardous if certain precautions aren’t taken or if the sessions last for long periods. Swimming is a great activity, especially in an indoor venue. Swimming is relatively safe, and injuries are almost unheard of. Young kids can take swimming lessons or play around in a water park. Water disperses body heat and keeps temperatures low. Don’t forget to have them drink water once in a while. Swimming is tiring, and even if they’re just wallowing in the water, their bodies are still burning calories.

An Educational Museum Trip

Mother and daughter at a museum

There are dozens of museums in Australia, and some of them even have free admission. In museums, you can expose your kids to different worlds of culture and learning. Have your kids choose which museum they want to visit and plan your activities before you go. Ask them what they expect to see and what they want to learn. Adding goals to your visits makes your trips more fun and interesting.

The Sun and Your Kids

Every year, more than 500 people die from heat-related illnesses in Australia, and thousands more require treatment or hospitalisation. Heat waves—often described as silent killers—are getting longer and more dangerous. Kids are especially vulnerable to heat exhaustion and heat-related illnesses. It is essential to keep them hydrated throughout the day and limit their activities under the sun’s heat. Make sure to keep an eye on them and look out for symptoms of sunstroke or heat exhaustion. Signs can include vertigo, raised skin temperature, weakness, disorientation and unconsciousness. Once you see the signs, seek immediate treatment and try to keep your kid or the ailing person cool. Take him or her away from the heat and try to disperse the sick person’s body heat.

Being careful doesn’t mean being boring. Plan activities away from the sun, keep your kids hydrated, and enjoy cold treats once in a while. With a bit of care, you can still make summer fun for your kids.

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