What White Shoes Say About Your Style

Fashion can dictate one’s wardrobe. You see the latest trends out there, and you just have to own them. You have your own take on trendy outfits, and you take hundreds of selfies showing off your fashion-forward looks. You invest in everything from accessories, shirts, to shoes. When it comes to footwear, a pair of white shoes have probably made it into your closet. But what do they say about your style?

You Own One Pair

Having just one pair of white shoes can mean so many things. If your pair is an expensive brand, this means that you know exactly the kinds of outfits you want to wear the shoes with. You own things not just because they’re trendy; you want each of them to carry their own weight in your wardrobe. You’re into trends, but you’re not a slave to them because you already know your personal style.

Your one white pair might also hint at a bigger shoe collection, each looking unique and responsible for your most iconic looks. Because you’ve decided to own just one pair, you need this one to be versatile. It can be paired with jeans, dresses, and shorts — all while looking fashionable and staying true to your personal style.

You Own Multiple Pairs

white shoes

It’s not uncommon for some of the biggest fashion icons to have a collection of white pairs that they can mix and match with the rest of their wardrobe. Usually, these people have styles that change depending on their mood and what’s currently trending. If you own multiple pairs of white shoes, even if you’re not a celebrity, this means that you’re more invested in your looks and that you like buying more of the items that look good on you.

You probably own the same pair of jeans in different washes and the same style of shirts in different colors. This also means that you wear white shoes regularly, which hints at a fearless personality. Even if you’re just going for pizza delivery or you’re getting a slice from your favorite pizzeria in Vancouver, your white shoes serve as your companion. You’re not afraid of getting dirt on them because you’ve already mastered the art of eating while avoiding stains.

You Don’t Like White Shoes at All

Those who don’t own any pair of white shoes may be more practical. You don’t want shoes that can easily be stained or discolored if you make the wrong step. You want your clothes to last longer, and your wardrobe may be filled with timeless pieces instead of trendy items. This makes your style more consistent, perhaps changing just slightly depending on the season. Not wearing trendy white shoes also make you more innovative when it comes to your outfits. You may invest in good-quality basic shirts instead, which you can balance out with your non-white footwear.

Everything that makes it to your wardrobe says something about you. When it comes to your choice of footwear, a little bit of your personality shines through. Use this to portray the kind of personality you want everyone else to associate you with.

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