Putting Risks Aside, Here’s What Oil Rig Workers Love About Their Jobs

Working in an oil rig is a gamble. The environment is hostile and it’s business as usual even in the middle of the sea, which can be very rough at times. Oil rig employers are aware of all the risks involved in the job, but luckily, conditions on the rig have improved over the years. There is much more safety equipment and training to minimize risks and disasters caused by dangerous machines and flammable materials. In addition, life on the rig comes with tempting benefits; employees are compensated well and the accommodation they receive is comforting.

For one, they don’t have to worry about the living quarters. Aside from a bed to sleep in, oil rig workers’ rooms come with a TV. There are also leisure areas with an internet connection, cinema, smoking areas, a gym, and indoor sports facilities. Some accommodations are even at par with 4 to 5-star hotels.

Oil rig workers are also well-fed. Offshore catering companies provide high-quality meals for oil rig employees round the clock. Dining facilities are usually self-service cafeteria types and the meals are nutritious. Oil workers don’t just get a full stomach; their health is well taken care of, too.

Here are other things oil rig workers love about their jobs:

1. Better Transportation + Travel Opportunities

Because the job location is at sea, no employee needs to endure the stress that rush-hour commutes tend to give. No one has to worry about finding a parking lot, too. Helicopters take the employees to the rig, which can stimulate one’s sense of adventure. During vacations, oil rig companies can also transport their employees back to their homes for free.  This job can also give employees a chance to travel, as there are currently 1,470 offshore oil rigs around the world.

2. Aside from the attractive pay, other benefits are exceptional

First, the work schedule is unlike any other jobs. Employees get the same amount of breaks in their working shifts, and sometimes more. Shifts can be during the day or at night because oil rigs “never sleep”. The pattern is usually a 14/21 day rotation, which means employees work for 14 days and then get the next 21 days off. Unlike the traditional 9-5 laborers, oil rig workers spend approximately 3/5 of a year on vacation.

Health benefits and insurance of employees are also great. Because of the tough nature of the job, employers want to be sure the workers stay in excellent shape. Family members of the workers are also well provided for.

3. There is a wide range of job opportunities

oil rig company

If you think of an oil rig as a workplace for no one but machinery experts and engineers, think again. There might be a job fit for you. Oil rigs offer a variety of jobs. Housekeeping crew, cooks, stewards, safety personnel, medics, and many more are needed in an oil rig. Pay and benefits are also huge. These staff members are also important for the well-being of everyone at the rig. Therefore, oil rigs are not only for people with professional titles. Anyone, as long as they pass the qualifications, training, screening, and all examinations, can work in an oil rig.

The risks and harsh nature of the job may put some people off and loved ones of oil rig workers may worry all the time, but at this generation where technology keeps advancing, oil rig facilities are keeping up with the times. Every piece of equipment and machine is designed to endure rough weather conditions. Workers are trained and are given sufficient safety gear to stay unharmed. Life on the rig may not be simple, but for certain types of people, it’s an adventure and a pleasure.

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