Out of the Comfort Zone: Ways You Can Be Adventurous This Year

Many people picture living an adventurous life as something that involves going outdoors and trying extreme sports. This image is somehow scaring away most people from actually trying new things and spicing up their lives a bit. However, living an adventurous life is not always like that. It is all about seeing things from a fresh perspective. It means trying new things without having to make yourself feel guilty or uncomfortable. Basically, it is all about stepping out of your comfort zone.

Perhaps, you may find your comfort zone too comfortable. But it is a place of complacency. It keeps you from growing. It keeps you from exploring yourself. It prevents you from seeing the possibilities that will make your life much more exciting and meaningful. If you have a resolution this year that you will get out of your shell, here are some ways you can actually become a much more “adventurous” person:

Meeting and Dating New People

Your friends may be boring you, or you have found out that they are actually using you to their advantage. It may sound hurtful, but it can happen. So leave them behind! Instead, meet new people—it is much easier nowadays with social media platforms and apps. You can join an interest-based organization and find people who have the same likes as you. If you are a hopeless romantic, you may want to try dating. To add more levels of excitement, you can try dating someone you think is a real opposite of you. See how it goes from there.

Picking Up New Skills


Maybe you have been meaning to learn baking, but you are just too shy or afraid to try. Now is not the right time to waste time! You should pick up new skills, especially if you want to make yourself marketable. In a way, picking up a new skill is an adventure, as you are actually venturing into a whole new territory. Who knows, you might be the next engineer who bakes and create stunning cake designs.

Leaving Your Old Job

Your day job is your comfort zone. You know what to do every day that you feel like an automaton. And this may be holding you back from pursuing something actually worthy of your time—such as your passion, which you can actually turn into profit. If you want to venture into unknown territory, it is time to leave your day job. But do not just leave. You have to have a solid plan to make sure that you will not regret your decision.

Actually Trying Something Outdoorsy

Since going outdoors is actually one form of trying new things, why not include this in this list? Being physically active can be treated as a hobby or passion. Start jogging. Start running. Start joining a marathon. And when you want more, start hiking—the basic trails at the beginning, but if you are looking for more adventure, go on an Inca trail tour.

Being adventurous is not always doing extreme sports and becoming a physically active person. It simply means trying something new. It is a way to get out of the rut, which may be keeping you from living your life to the fullest or adding more layers of meaning to it. Life always begins beyond what’s keeping you comfortable.

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