Outdoor Activities That Locals Love in South Jordan

Utah is a nature haven. It has a diverse environment, which is perfect for every nature lover out there. It has wide desert areas and lovely mountains. The mountains have ski resorts, while the desert and lowlands have hiking trails and lakes.

Utah also has lovely, sprawling communities where hardworking people live in peace and quiet. South Jordan is an idyllic community. Like most of the state, it has plenty of outdoor facilities that are great for hiking. It also has a lake and a golf course.

South Jordan Attractions

Although South Jordan is located in the Salt Lake Valley, it does not go out of its way to attract visitors headed towards Salt Lake. Instead, the residents keep to its own, more than happy to indulge and enjoy the varied nature-related activities in the area. For visitors, there are hotels in South Jordan, as well as homes for rent in Daybreak, Utah, where you can stay.

The Salt Lake County Fair is a major attraction in South Jordan. Held in August, the fair features arts and crafts, and agricultural exhibits. It also holds concerts and cooking contests. The rodeo and demolition derby are much-awaited competitions held during the fair. Golfers don’t need to travel far to play, as South Jordan has the Glenmoor Golf Course, which has lovely tree-lined fairways, which provide a much-needed break from the natural landscape.

For family-oriented fun, there is also the Mulligans Golf and Games. This is a recreation complex that has a 9-hole course, mini-golf and a driving range. It offers golf lessons for beginners, as well as batting cages.

Nature Attractions

Hiking on the mountainUtah is famous for its natural attractions. South Jordan has a couple of hiking trails where new and experienced hikers can enjoy:

  • Bingham Creek Trailhead – This is a relatively short 2.5-mile footpath with meandering trails. It is great for both beginners and experienced hikers. The trail has side routes passing by the Teton Estates Park and the Glenmoor Gold Course. You can bring your dog on this pet-friendly trail.
  • Porter Rockwell Trail – This is a trail that can be traversed by hikers, mountain bikers and even horse riders. It is a versatile 10.7-mile trail, with options for a 2-mile job or a day-long hike. This forest route provides plenty of areas where you can take a break and enjoy the view.
  • Jordan River Parkway Trailhead – This nature trail goes on for 45 miles and can be traversed over several days. The trail goes through the countryside, meadows, marshes and mudflats. There are also plenty of landmarks along the way, making the traverse more exciting. It is possible to plan hiking the trail by segments.

Hiking and other outdoor activities are popular in South Jordan. With its natural beauty, this also happens to be a simple and quiet community. Among the outdoor activities and attractions are a couple of trails that meander through the county, affording hikers, bikers and horse riders natural vistas. South Jordan County is not your regular tourist location, but it does have attractions that every nature lover will appreciate.

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