Holiday Rentals in Costa Blanca-Javea

Javea is a charming town in the Costa Blanca region. It lies between the capes of La Nao and San Antonio on the northern part of Costa Blanca. The town is sheltered from, the continental winds by the Mount Montgo and also bathed by Mediterranean Sea. To this end, Javea has been considered by the World Health Organization as one of the towns in the world, having near perfect climate for longevity. It has mild temperatures and varying landscapes from rugged mountain areas to sandy coastlines. These wonderful scenery make conducive destination for tourists from all walks of life.

Javea has managed to preserve its known heritage as a fishing town in coastal region of Costa Blanca in Spain. It is taken as a jewel for the coastal communities. This has made it receive thousands of tourists each year. Besides its location and culture, there are so many exciting places to visit including the world class trendy restaurants and bars. Its natural beauty leaves a lot to be discovered and ensures a perfect holiday for the tourists by offering them a wide range of villas in Javea.

The influx of tourists in every year has led to tremendous growth of the real estate industry. To this end, many holiday rentals in Javea have been established. They come in form of rental apartments and also holiday villas. These facilities are privately owned by individuals or multinational companies. The location of these apartments or villa and the facilities that are found in them determines the monthly charges that you are required to pay.  There are those which are located near the beaches while others are situated few kilometers to inland. The macroclimate of Javea has seen many tourists coming in to the region even during winter.

Spending your holiday in Javea comes with a number of other benefits, especially for the golf lovers. There are a couple of golf courses that one can visit and get a feel of this form of entertainment. In addition, the presence of many pubs and night leisure venues ensures that one refreshes and unwinds completely.

The security has not been compromised. There is enough presence of security personnel both private and government security teams. At the same time the apartments and villas are protected on 24 hour basis. Therefore one is assured of safe stay in his holiday in Javea.

The old monastery is another tourist attraction. It is situated in a village mountain of Guadlest. It also can’t go without mentioning the Montgo Nature Reserve and the Cabo de San Antonio Marine Nature Reserve which give you a wonderful interaction with the wildlife. One cannot avoid such places in his holiday visit to Javea.

In knowing the best and cheapest holiday apartments in Javea, one should do a bit of homework online. There are many website platforms offering information on these facilities and also where you can visit in Javea. However one should know his specifications and budget in advance so that you can compare the charges from different agents or owners.

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