Reasons Why People Love Food

Everyone needs food to survive. Without it, people cannot have the energy to complete their daily tasks. Hence, it is no surprise that people around the world enjoy eating. Doing so satisfies their hunger and pleases their taste buds. With that in mind, eating has become more than a superficial act. It is now a hobby. Regardless of their differences, all people appreciate the wonders of food.

During holidays, people can show their love for food. Whether they are baked treats or soups, dishes on the table are enjoyed by friends and family alike. This applies to other seasons of the year. The American love for food shines through in several occasions. Here is a closer look:


According to companies such as The Cookie Society, baked treats can be used for giveaways. Whether they are in a seminar or an event, the baked treat giveaways sate cravings for sweets and keep people full. Because cookies can have any filling, topping, or flavor, people with various tastes consider them versatile.

County Fairs

Primarily found in Midwestern states like Minnesota, county fairs are akin to amusement parks in that they have food stalls, music shows, and rides. The atmosphere of such places might be considered comfortable, especially by families or tourist who want to unwind. Food commonly found in county fairs includes corn dogs, cheese steak, popcorn, and other household favorites.

Fishing Trips

Fisherman holding a rod

Coastal states, particularly those in the South like Louisiana, are enthusiasts of fishing trips. The same thing can be said of Alaska, which is a significant supplier of salmon. Salmon is known for its taste and how it can be cooked and served. The fish can be grilled, baked, or smoked. Southern states usually boil salmon. Crawfish, squid, and other fish are seasoned and boiled along with corn, eggs, and other food items.


Whether they are at the park or by the beach, picnics also show how American food is shared among friends and family. Picnics can be enjoyable because you get to eat food with your companions in a beautiful place. Food brought to a picnic usually includes bread, fruits, and other wholesome or healthy dishes.


This list would not be complete without mentioning birthdays. Practically spanning the whole year, such occasions require lots of food, including birthday cakes. Children particularly enjoy birthday celebrations due to their forms of entertainment, such as clown performances, group games, and gift giving.

Barbeque Cookouts

Lastly, having a barbecue in one’s backyard also highlights Americans’ love of food. Hot dogs, steak, chicken, and other indulgent food are prepared for the cookouts. A barbecue can be done any time of the week, but some households might do it while watching the Superbowl or while celebrating the fourth of July.

In the end, it is no secret that many people love indulging in food, be it sweet or savory. Friends, family members, and co-workers enjoy eating a variety of dishes. Regardless of the event, food will always be valuable to Americans.

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