Are Cruises Worth It? What You Need to Know Before Booking Your Trip

  • Cruises are a hassle-free way of traveling and seeing more destinations
  • Cruises offer a wonderful combination of comfort and adventure
  • There is a variety of themed and niche cruises aimed at solo female travelers
  • Cruises are a safe and secure way to travel

With a previous reputation of appealing only to retirees, cruises are steadily establishing themselves as an excellent hassle-free travel option. They are a unique combination of convenience, relaxation, entertainment and adventure, which appeals to various demographics.  

The increasing number of cruise options and packages means anyone can find a cruise suitable to their needs and budget. They cater to many travelers, from families and larger groups to even solo female travelers.

So, if you’ve ever asked, “Are cruises worth it?” continue reading, and let’s find out.

What Makes Cruises a Popular Choice for Travelers?

Cruises take the stress out of organizing a trip or vacation because they act as hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, and transportation all rolled into one. They offer the luxuries of an all-inclusive resort with amenities such as pools, spas and restaurants and allow exploration of the port cities. 

It takes the stress out of planning where to visit, go for dinner, or what to do for fun, as that can be part of your cruise package. If you’re a woman traveling solo, the social aspect of cruising makes it easy to meet other passengers who want to experience traveling the same way as you. 

Is a Cruise the Right Vacation Option for You?

two white cruise ships

If you’re wondering, “Is a cruise worth it,” you need to learn more about your expectations and travel goals. Cruises are an excellent solution for those looking for a heavily planned trip without the need to research what to do and see on a trip.

And while cruises offer the convenience and relaxation of a luxury resort, they take away some of the freedom and spontaneity of regular travel. Let’s say you booked a multi-port trip. You’ll get to visit several destinations but won’t be able to explore them in more depth. 

Are cruises worth it? It all comes down to personal preference if such travel arrangements meet your expectations.

How Much Does a Cruise Cost?

The average cost for a 7-day cruise is around $151.12 per person per day, considering the base fare without additional onboard expenses. The price can vary depending on your choice of cruise line, the size of the ship, the destination, the duration of the trip, etc. 

How is going on a cruise worth it? Travelers consider cruises a very affordable traveling option because they can save some money when booking by taking advantage of promotions or package deals. Booking a cruise during the off-season ensures lower prices and smaller crowds. At the same time, choosing an interior room instead of a suite or balcony room and refraining from additional onboard purchases can further lower expenses. 

Comparing Inclusive vs. Additional Expenses

An all-inclusive travel package means different things depending on the cruise line. Upscale and luxury cruises offer more benefits in their base fare but for a higher price. More budget cruises have lower prices but offer less in return, so it’s up to you to shop around and see what best fits your plans. 

Usually, the price for an all-inclusive package includes the following:

  • Room rental
  • port taxes
  • fees 
  • meals in the main ship restaurant 
  • access to the pools
  • non-alcoholic drinks 
  • gratuities 
  • select ship entertainment

If you want some extra amenities, you should make room in your budget for things like:

  • Wi-Fi package
  • Alcoholic drinks package
  • Spa and fitness access 
  • Access to specialty restaurants
  • Select onboard shows and entertainment
  • Port excursions organized by the cruise line

Who Should Consider Going on a Cruise?

Cruises are a fantastic choice for travelers looking for relaxation and adventure. They are mainly designed for travelers who enjoy the pampering and comfort of an all-inclusive resort but want to experience new destinations. They are an excellent choice for solo travelers looking for opportunities to see different destinations, relax and socialize.

What Are the Different Types of Cruises Available?

Cruises come in different varieties and can suit a multitude of travel preferences. River, ocean, and expedition cruises cater to more traditional tastes, while imaginative travelers can choose a themed or niche cruise.

Ocean, River, and Expedition Cruises

ocean cruise
  • River cruises are organized journeys across larger rivers and inland waterways, stopping along smaller port cities.
  • Ocean cruises are similar but on a much larger scale. They usually sail across the coastlines of several countries, dock in larger ports, and feel more like resorts. 
  • Expedition cruises concentrate more on on-shore excursions and adventures led by experienced guides.

Themed Cruises and Niche Offerings

Cruise lines introduce new cruise concepts regularly, centered around unique themes or experiences. Such cruises attract people, especially women, who share the same interests or hobbies and want to have a fun time.

Some of the most popular themed and niche cruises are:

  • Broadway Cruises
  • Bridgerton Cruises
  • Gothic Cruises
  • Knitting and Crafting Cruises
  • Murder Mystery Cruises

Are Cruise Vacations Safe and Healthy?

Cruise lines take the safety and health of their passengers seriously. In case of severe storms, ships may reroute their course, and they’re also equipped with enough lifeboats to accommodate 125% of all people on board.  

They have at least one doctor and two nurses on board in case of medical emergencies. Safety is essential for solo travelers, which is why all cruise lines have security to ensure the personal well-being of everyone on board.

Conclusion: Is Cruising Worth It?

Cruises are a delightful mix of convenience, relaxation and adventure that can fulfill anyone’s expectations or interests. They can be a very budget-friendly way to experience multiple countries. If you’re a woman, cruises are a safe way to travel alone and meet other people who share your interests.

So let’s find and plan the cruise of your dreams.


Why do People Choose Not to Cruise?

Some people prefer a more spontaneous and adventurous travel experience. A cruise may not be for you if you need complete control over the schedule.

Why do People Prefer Cruises?

Cruises offer the convenience of having the entire itinerary pre-planned. They also provide a chance to visit several locations without dragging suitcases around.

Do Most People Enjoy Cruises?

While preferences are individual, many people, from solo travelers to families, find cruises enjoyable. 

Is it Cheaper to Fly or Go on a Cruise?

Cruises may be a more affordable vacation option than buying a two-way plane ticket and paying for accommodations, food and entertainment.

Why Cruises Are a Fun Way to Travel?

Cruises combine the comfort of a high-end resort with the excitement of visiting new places. The onboard entertainment and social aspects make cruises a memorable and fun experience.

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