Awesome Activities to Enjoy in Iran

Iran is one of the most beautiful destinations in the middle east. Apart from the mind-boggling cities and their attractions, you get to enjoy many activities. Most travelers visit Iran more than once. The allure of the location and attractions makes a second trip a must. Traveling through Iran can be a nurturing experience, too, as you learn about the Arabic culture and its nuances. Apart from tourist attractions and local affairs, the hospitable nature of the inhabitants is a sure show-stealer.

Most travelers make a two-week plan for the trip. So, if you want to embark on the same, get at least two weeks off from work. If it is any lesser than that, you may not be able to cover many areas. So, we have made a list of must-dos for you in Iran. These will help you touch every place aspect of this life-changing trip.

Here are a few things that you must not miss out on.

Experiment With Some Delicacies

Middle eastern food is delectable. You will find a great combination of spices, aromas, and flavors in all the dishes there. When in Iran, you should have Dizi. It is one of the most popular dishes there. Meats, potatoes, and beans go into a hot pot of water. The stew is slow-cooked for hours.

Moreover, there is a unique way to have it. You will get it served in a clay pot, and then you have to pour the liquid on a dish and have it with flatbread. After you are done with the liquid, you have to mash the remaining ingredients with a spoon and have them.

Most Middle eastern recipes have the same flavors. If you happen to be a foodie, you will love the cuisines of Afghanistan. Almost all these countries use nuts and dry fruits in their recipes. Additionally, they have a flair for rice, yogurt, meats, and lean poultry. It is like a cross of Turkey, Persia, and the Middle East’s cuisines. Expect to get all of these in various areas in Iran. You can also get some home-cooked delicacies from the hospitable hosts if you are lucky.

Visit the Nature Bridge

You cannot miss out on this when you visit Tehran in Iran. People also call it the Tabiat Bridge. The bridge has won many awards for its construction and architectural grandeur. Ensure to visit the bridge in the evening, when the lights come on. You can also enjoy glimpses of the mountains to the north, at dusk. It is simply a surreal sight. This 270-meter bridge is the largest of its kind in Iran. Additionally, it connects two public parks.

The best part of this bridge is its multi-faceted nature. You have several levels to climb up and down. Moreover, it does not just connect two terminals of the parks. It has several exits and entry points in each. It is a 3D structure. Therefore, you have to ensure to visit the Tabiat Bridge.

Camp On Hormuz Island

This is another adventure that you ought to be a part of. The Persian Gulf has the most beautiful islands in the region. You will be able to check out the small village adjoining the island. Get involved in some camping activities in the wilderness. You can also enjoy the incredible sunsets and starry skies at night. It is also famous as Iran’s Rainbow Island.

You will be amazed to know that it is counted amongst the most magical islands, not only in Iran but across the world. The natural surroundings consist of myriad colors, ranging from red, green, ochre to golds. That makes it enticing. You get to explore the Red beach and hike up the undulating landscapes. Board a tuk-tuk and enjoy the scenery around the place.

Check out Shiraz

This is another city in Iran which you anyhow have to visit. Tourists are all praised for the Pink Mosque. It is one of the most iconic activities that you can engage in. The mosque has stained glass windows, which have the sunlight percolating through. It is a magical experience indeed. Also called the Nasir ol-Mulk Mosque, it is one of the most famous structures in Iran. You can get your best photographs clicked at the mosque. It will be one of the most beautiful memoirs of your Iran trip.

Visit The Bazaars

bazaar market

Every city in Iran has its best market places. Some of the bigger cities also have gift stalls, from where you can buy gifts and souvenirs for your friends and family back home. Buy clothes and spices at the best prices here. Tabriz Bazaar is one of the favorite tourist bazaars there.

These are just a few of the most incredible activities you can enjoy in Iran. There is more. So, head there now and enjoy the time.

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